Introducing the Victorian Arched TV-Mirror by FRAMING TO A T

A TV is a must have for Scotty Cam in the bedroom. So when he was tasked with designing his master suite on The Block 2022 Scott employed the services of his friends at FRAMING TO A T to design and create a TV-Mirror featuring an antique frame handcrafted by an artisan guilder here in Melbourne.

Scott Cam's TV Mirror

The TV-Mirror was the perfect choice for Scott Cam's original 1860s miner’s cottage. With wall paneling, original timber flooring and ornate pieces throughout, the TV mirror complemented the decorating style of this home; a country-cottage, with a touch of old.

Mirror TV

The Victorian Arched TV-Mirror featuring an Ornate Soft Silver Leaf Frame  has the TV situated in the base of the design, which is ideal for watching TV in bed.  When the TV is off, the piece is a stunning framed mirror, and when the TV is on, the imagery plays through as normal.

Ornate Mirror

The frame is an exact reproduction of a classic Victorian Arch Frame, finished with silver leaf and this innovative TV-Mirror design by FRAMING TO A T  is perfectly at home in Scott Cam’s farmhouse cottage this season on The Block.

Ornate Mirror TV

With each custom TV-Mirror made to order in-house in Melbourne, FRAMING TO A T source quality fine timber mouldings for an exquisite finish.

Gold Leaf Frame Gold Leaf Frame

Gold Leaf Frame 

For homes looking to introduce statement pieces to their interiors with an early-Victorian or Parisian influence, FRAMING TO A T has introduced a range of custom made TV-Mirrors featuring ornate frames. TV-Mirrors by FRAMING TO A T are a beautiful extension from the brand’s custom picture framing expertise.

To find out more about their TV-Mirror frame designs, you can explore more about the handcrafting process here.

Keep an eye out across the season for more TV-Mirrors by FRAMING TO A T. All TV-Mirrors created for our Block contestants are available to shop  here.