Skills build a new era, and make contributions to the 20th CPC National Congress -- Central Asia Equipment Company held the first "post skills competition"

In order to continuously improve the skill level of the enterprise's skilled talents, improve the enthusiasm of staff officers, and improve the training system of highly skilled talents, from September 30 to October 11, the first "post skill competition" of the company with the theme of "building a new era of skills and giving gifts to the 20th National Congress of Craftsmanship" was successfully held in the First Industrial Park of Hefei Institute.

In combination with the production characteristics of the enterprise and the needs of employees, the competition set up two competition contents, namely, "riveting group" and "single beam driving group". Employees at all posts in the production department actively signed up. Finally, 34 people from the metalworking workshop, riveting workshop, assembly workshop, auxiliary workshop and warehouse signed up to participate, covering all front-line teams in the production department. The large number and wide range of applicants not only reflect the spirit of hard work of the company's employees, but also highlight the company's positive cultural atmosphere.




The competition emphasizes "safety, standardization and efficiency" and consists of two parts: theoretical examination and practical skill operation. Each competition item has a targeted competition scheme based on the post characteristics in the actual production process and different themes. The organizing committee selected 8 experienced professional and technical staff as judges to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition.




Under the premise of emphasizing safety production, the competition project of riveter group tests the overall quality of riveters. It requires riveters to wear labor protection appliances correctly throughout the process, complete drawing identification within the specified time, and rivet the specified workpieces as required.




The single beam driving group competition project highlights the importance of abiding by safe operation rules. The competition covers some very important and easily overlooked safety issues related to driving operation in daily work. The driving practice competition requires each contestant to complete each action as required, such as checking the limit, trial lifting, crossing obstacles, crossing obstacles, returning hooks and remote controllers, etc. This is not only a skill operation competition, but also a safety education for all staff.




After fierce competition, Zhao Zhengchuan of the assembly workshop, Zhou Taohua and Wang Wei of the metalworking workshop won the first prize of the "single beam crane operation group", Ge Yongsuo of the riveting and welding workshop won the first prize of the "riveter operation group", Wei Xiulin, Fang Li, Yao Chuanman, Du Yanyan, Yang Jinfu, Yang Jingyong, Zhou Leilei, Xie Changkun and others won the second prize and the third prize respectively.










The achievements are inspiring and the mission is inspiring. The company has always been committed to "building a multi-level talent team, promoting the technology and skilled talents to go hand in hand", guiding and encouraging the majority of employees to learn technology, drill business, practice skills, continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and strive to create high-quality projects. All employees of the company will take this event as an opportunity to make unremitting efforts to create first-class products, provide first-class services, and meet the 20th CPC National Congress with practical actions!

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