Good news! The company's party building brand case was selected as a typical case of the sixth national grass-roots party building innovation

Recently, in the sixth national collection of typical cases of grass-roots party building innovation, the Central Asia Equipment Company of China Building Materials Group Hefei Institute: Promoting "Four Brightness" and Escorting the High Quality Development of Enterprises, which was selected by Hefei Institute, was successfully selected and displayed on People's Daily Online and CPC News Network.


The sixth national collection of typical cases of grass-roots party building innovation was jointly launched by China Pudong Cadre College, People's Daily, CPC News Network, and China Organization and Personnel Newspaper, with the theme of "adhering to the people as the center, deepening the innovation of grass-roots party building", aiming to exchange, summarize, and promote the practices and experience of grass-roots party organizations, and promote the comprehensive progress and excellence of grass-roots party building, We will modernize the grass-roots governance system and capacity to serve high-quality development and build a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

How to transform "strong party building" into "strong enterprise" is the key to strengthen the governance of state-owned enterprises. During the practice of a series of enterprises such as mixed ownership reform and modern governance of state-owned enterprises, the company's party branch comprehensively strengthened the leadership of the party, constantly strengthened the party building, made efforts to play the leading role of party building, created a brand, promoted the "four forces" with "four bright", guaranteed the high-quality development of the enterprise, and worked hard to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets. The company has become a stronger and better platform. Party members and cadres take the initiative to shine in their posts and achieve "a strong sense of party spirit, strong responsibility, strong professional skills, and strong solid style", effectively stimulate the engine of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in party building and operation, promote the continuous improvement of the enterprise's "competitiveness, innovation, execution, and immunity", and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

The Party Branch of the Company adheres to high standards and strict requirements in selecting and employing people, promotes "four strengths" with "four bright", and works around "strengthening the enterprise with talents" to achieve the common goal of transforming "strong party building" into "strong enterprise". "Four bright": The enterprise is strengthening and optimizing the talent support and service platform. Party members and cadres in all posts and professions show awareness of the Party spirit, responsibility, professional skills and solid style, and promote the construction of high-quality and professional talent team of the enterprise. "Four strengths": relying on a high-quality and professional talent team with comprehensive capabilities, complete specialties and reasonable age structure, the enterprise promotes its own competitiveness, innovation, execution and immunity, and escorts the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements!

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